Top 3 Must-Watch Movies About Technology and Innovation


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Some of us were born with an insane passion for innovation and technology. If you are computer science student, then you will surely enjoy these movies listed below.

Here are the top three students that every computer science students must not miss in their lifetime.

The Social Network

A nineteen-year-old computer engineer genius, Mark Zuckerberg, created a game app Facemash that hit an astounding 22, 000 web visitors which resulted in Harvard’s internet connection to crash. As Mark was hired to build a website by three other Harvard students, he was accused of theft for stealing their idea leading to the creation of Facebook.

This movie is highly recommended for everyone who uses Facebook. Rest assured, you will see Facebook differently after watching this movie.

The Fifth Estate

Just like The Social NetworkThe Fifth Estate is also a real-life story about the creation of Wikileaks— an international non-profit organization that reveals the government’s confidential information by publishing it online for everyone to know. All the published information are credited from anonymous resources.

If you are into conspiracy theories, this movie needs to be one of your must-watch movies.

This movie is highly recommended for people who are into the U.S. politics or people who have interest in the U.S. government’s history.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Another real-life movie on the list is Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Do you remember how crazy it was back then when Apple and Microsoft had a  competitive rivalry on the development of personal computers? Yes, this movie is about the story behind the development of Microsoft and Apple computers. There are so many intriguing issues behind the success of two companies.

Aside from their commonly known as dropout billionaires, do you know that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs also grew up together?

What are the other dramatic stories behind Apple and Microsoft’s business rivalry? We highly recommend for you to watch this classic movie.

This is highly recommended for people who is into innovation. This is also recommended for entrepreneurs who want to get inspiration and business strategies from these two legendary people in the industry. If you plan to create a website about movie reviews, you can purchase website traffic online to get more unique visitors and help your site ran on search engines. You can also promote your website on any “datingsite gratis” or dating site free of charge.