Top 3 Motivational Movies Of All Time

Are you up for a movie marathon? Your day will never go wrong with a list of good movies. You don’t need to use voucher codes or look for tour packages to spend your day off in a fun way. You can bond with your family and friends just by watching great movies. Forget about the Amsterdam centrum weekend getaway and take a look of the great movies that will inspire you.

If you are looking for something inspiring to do this weekend, then why not have a movie marathon instead? The question is, what movie should you watch? No worries. We will give you an amazing list of movies that you and your family will surely enjoy. These movies are so good that you would forget about your worries like financial crisis or getting a “zorgverzekering 18 jaar” or health insurance for 18 years.

Here is an amazing list of motivational movies that you, your lover, or your family and friends will surely enjoy watching together.

Pursuit of Happiness

This movie is a perfect movie to watch with your family. This is a story of a homeless single father played by Will Smith, who is trying his best to raise his son despite their struggling lives.

Whether you’re a parent or a son or a daughter, you will surely be inspired by watching this movie. This will change your perception of homeless people.  

This movie is highly recommended for everyone who feels tired at their work. You’ll surely be inspired and motivated right after watching Pursuit of Happiness.

Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story

This is a real-life story that was made into a movie.

Elizabeth Murray, a renowned American inspirational speaker, revealed her inspiring story to everyone through this movie. This is one of the best movies that will surely motivate you, especially college students, to strive hard in life no matter how hard the situation may be. This is also an amazing movie for people to see hope in everyone they meet in life. There is always a time for a change.

This movie is highly recommended to all the students who do not know how to value their capability of going to school and get a degree.


This movie is one of the latest movies today.

This is a story about a 5- year- old boy named Auggie who looks different from other boys after undergoing different surgeries. Why did Auggie need to undergo surgeries? That’s for you to find out.

This movie is highly recommended for everyone. It is a perfect movie to watch especially with your family.

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